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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



Klaus Fabricius: Checksum 45
Klaus Fabricius: Portrait of a womanKlaus Fabricius: Hands IKlaus Fabricius: Portrait of a dreamKlaus Fabricius: Hands II
Klaus Fabricius: Blood & TearsKlaus Fabricius: Gadadavida IIKlaus Fabricius: IkarusKlaus Fabricius: Border LandKlaus Fabricius: Marat
Klaus Fabricius: BombKlaus Fabricius: Small figure group, 2016Klaus Fabricius: Gadadavida IKlaus Fabricius: Metamorphic Disaster, 2016
Klaus Fabricius: I know that I am in memory, 2016Klaus Fabricius: Militant Melancholia, 2016Klaus Fabricius: Demonstrative Waste, 2016Trump overpainting 2018Cross 2018
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Blood & Tears + Rendezvous with hands I + II + Female portrait + Ikarus
Gadadavida I + Gadadavida II + Border Land + Portrait of a Dream
Portrait Marat + Checksum 45 + Bomb + Demonstrative Waste + Figure Group
I know that I am in memory + Metamorphic Disaster + Militant Melancholia
Politics-Ethics-Art + Cross