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NO COMPROMISES | Boris Lurie at Jewish Museum Berlin on Mar 16, 2016: The Jewish Museum in Berlin presents the largest posthumous retrospective of NO!art artist Boris Lurie to this date. With this exhibition, the museum invites visitors to discover the uncompromising artist and his highly topical work. An indictor of racism, sexism, and consumer culture, he created works that evoke both horror and fascination. ---His works from the 1950s have a power and quality reminiscent of Francis Bacon. Dismembered Woman: The Stripper deserves special mention here. And "Now, No More" from 1962 anticipates the contemporary painting of a Jean-Michel Basquiat. A video room with films on and statements by Boris Lurie bring the artist and his life closer to the viewer. The fact that Lurie was able to never have to make a living from selling art gave him the necessary freedom to do what he unconditionally considered to be the highest commandment in art: "No compromise!". . . more

New York Report on October 2014: Prolog:I observe the mundane well and came to the conclusion that this cognition is good to make conspicuous that the promised land is bizarre and rotten.
One of Fabi's spontaneous visits - this time with delay - sour cold made the step quickly away but longer without orientation - among friends then with smoke in front of eyes and alcohol in the sip it becomes bearable - yes pleasant as always "hey Fabi - this - look - watch out - abi still this - before I croak - I'm going to NYC - October to Clayton - is already agreed - because of the manipulation of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation - in researches I must counteract with Clayton with truths - (it should turn out there in NYC, by the way, as ordered by Boris that Dietmar should still be entitled to five thousand dollars) that was but until today in the Headquarters- East - hospitality and tasting were Dietmar also without this gain further natural - thus further in the text with the smoke of the tropical treasures and American Spirits the yellow (importantly) before eyes and the nachgeschenktem warm become wine before the lip - sometimes I look for something against my prejudices. Sometimes I go for it out into the foreign country, look, listen, collect, discuss, get verbally what on the muzzle and marvel. Then it happens sometimes, I take my advantages - now best friends, all again unsolicited again. And now ask, "Yeah what kind of shit is that?" . more

On the way to NO! art at concentration camp on Dec 1998: NO!art at concentration camp in Buchenwald in winter, that was a proposal I was soon to decide. I was never there, it flew through my mind, never in the concentration camp. Don't go there alone either and should sleep in the warm. And as it turned out later in a side speech by the NO!art artist Boris Lurie, who now showed his work there and who was locked up there in the 1940s: Yes, he said that he had also slept worse than at this shitty place, namely later on a ferry. Was it from Reykjavik to ... ?. more