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New York Report | Oktober 2014

Prolog: I observe the mundane well and came to the conclusion that this cognition is good to make conspicuous that the promised land is bizarre and rotten.

Berlin-Kreuzberg, Görlitzer Park, January 2014 | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

Berlin-Kreuzberg | NO! art Headquarters-East | Dietmar Kirves | January 2014: One of Fabi's spontaneous visits - this time with delay - sour cold made the step quickly away but longer without orientation - among friends then with smoke in front of eyes and alcohol in the sip it becomes bearable - yes pleasant as always "hey Fabi - this - look - watch out - abi still this - before I croak - I'm going to NYC - October to Clayton - is already agreed - because of the manipulation of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation - in researches I must counteract with Clayton with truths - (it should turn out there in NYC, by the way, as ordered by Boris that Dietmar should still be entitled to five thousand dollars) that was but until today in the Headquarters- East - hospitality and tasting were Dietmar also without this gain further natural - thus further in the text with the smoke of the tropical treasures and American Spirits the yellow (importantly) before eyes and the nachgeschenktem warm become wine before the lip - sometimes I look for something against my prejudices. Sometimes I go for it out into the foreign country, look, listen, collect, discuss, get verbally what on the muzzle and marvel. Then it happens sometimes, I take my advantages - now best friends, all again unsolicited again. And now ask, "Yeah what kind of shit is that?"

NYC JFK Airport Mo 13.October 2014: It's warm - somehow manages the hiphop honking berserker in black that I still come close enough to the hotel but how should I know that "he man go out - GO OUT! ..." the right suitcase was me humorless five dollars worth - Pod 39 145 East 39ST 14th floor - that had me John the probably had free by mail still vaguely promised before the start of the trip - me was the a very important - a very good cabin room best view - tip top.

Right on time Dietmar came into the hotel - short exchange and the joy that we had each other - Fabi that here is the Moloch - everything bullshit nothing works as it should cell phone Internet bus ticket machine everything bullshit - "Man Fabi can I shower with you" - sure - ready - pants again high shoes on - we take the stairs - then the bus - then eyeball - take orientation notes - and "Dietmar here still your packs of tropical treasure- Cigars" - bus tickets Dietmar had already procured before - because twenty dollars swallowed the machine before delicious away without consideration "man Fabi everything bullshit" - on my wish beers buy - also already think of Clayton thereby - drink-fast we are all - thus purely with it what the bag can carry at Heiniken cans which were also still affordable - a bank my our the bank for us made and in expectation German asses asylum to grant - did well - drink only liquor - and so on and so on - man Fabi.

Clayton Patterson's Frontdoor of his Outlaw Art Museum at Essex Street | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

A relief for Dietmar that the language in this dirty old town put now exclusively the oral German waves on transmitter - that eliminated this "fucking men", "fuck men", "shit men" of these "fucking streets" - "that you are there man Fabi" - "that we meet in NYC man Dietmar" - with the vitalizing alcohol and nicotine this light colored street and these black white Amis looked immediately sympathetic - also the. the... the - the full shaggy bearded massive with the cap - let him walk us off - identified the man immediately as Clayton.

"Hey Dietmar that was Clayton he is now in the store" - "buy n some beer for the meeting right now" - "Clayton" - "hey Klaus" - "hey Dietmar" - two three houses further - the bank the two German asses have left - don't ring the bell - Clayton opens however " - "come in" - the big room is workplace - fat appel screen on the countertop - everywhere art installations pictures videos - books Illustrated photos tidied stuff everywhere - Clayton work a lot and he is fast - big banner right embosses the hint of legalization of tattoo in NYC by Clayton 1997 - "Fabi this way" next to the fridge his sleeping place pleasantly close to the pot is equipped by Dietmar with notebook camera video camera cell phone cards charging stations - without door the whole - but who should disturb - and so on and so on.

Smiling gladly of the German present vocabulary's - provisionally functional - is aired by the latticed Fenste in head height to the small garden - Klosett was yes opposite fast there for me - pinkele only so much purely as from the Klosett abläuft what lasts - the flushing anyhow remained for me today unexplained - sideboard, refrigerator and so on and so on" the shower is missing but really.

Homesickness sounds through - in the small backyard to the rectangle of the walls of the neighboring houses formed standing I see the open door of a boutique - Dietmar makes the close - we put on one and toast us - I lift the look upward into the gray - Clayton sits at the monitor - we in Dietmars lead - "human Fabi we in NYC - really dude" we are content with us and speak off - we go to Clayton - he has a can of beer at work in the hand.

Lower East Side HinterhofNYC LES backyard
Backyard garden, New York Lower East Side | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

Dietmar and he start chatting - it's hard for me to keep up - and then Clayton turns the seat in position to me "Klaus! What do think about NO!art? " ouch cheek I knew that this would come - "important protest art" - Clayton a clear attitude in the matter what voice and body gestures alone bring across - in my auditory canals shoot out of his vocabulary words that begin to store themselves as eruptive gestures in images - "please say it again with other words" Clayton is patient with me - transports his thoughts more simply I answer so "I think that is one important way to make protest and political art in the name of Lurie/Fischer/Goodmann - to represent art not artist ego" - take a beer - where is Dietmar - hey Dietmar! "

I unpack the souvenirs - not without pride - for each a leather bracelet with lasered lettering "NO!art Headquater East - and Headquarter West" - then the name accordingly - and still for each the collage in addition - Courbet's "Origin of the World" as transfer print on canvas - with paper tongue NO! art - Calyton's Elsa comes from above in addition - I did not know you - she acts delicately shy with direct look that should be photographically trained - comes with two black tips - the pied pipers are from the leash - the smaller of them is particularly pointed -.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

pod hotel
Entrance POD-Hotel New York Uptown | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

Somehow the day was over - entertaining in the excitement of strangers and the unexperienced - satiated by pizzas that Elsa fetched us in Clayton's studio delicious and large pieces - will bring Fabi to the bus stop - Clayton found it "ok" - against my upbringing I left everything - was happy in a cozy state just Dietmar to trot behind and the necessary exit of Dietmar me with 1st Ave 39 St. to note. to note - Fabi if you miss the stop then a building gap comes - on the right you can look up to East River (had advised me again how I should sit down, so that I had the view freely on the license plates of the street) - out then East 49 Str - cross the street go back the piece . . ." Dietmar - I thought in the bus rumbling through potholes in vague concentration - Dietmar's got it - so I drove through the first NYC night without the most important numbers came into my sights - and so it went then - when I took the bus every evening the piece back.

East River Silhouette
Gaps between buildings at East River and Long Island| Photo: Dietmar Kirves

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

We had made an appointment for Tuesday fourteen o'clock - my mini apartment had let me sleep without incident - with view from the bed on the skyscrapers which was awarded to me by Sam was fantastic - long showered and cold quenched I made myself on through the stairwell up to the roof terrace bar - I had saved that for being alone here in the absence of the nightly bar business - the weather damp cold - whereby the recording of the moment gained peculiarity - the breakfast was not for me - nothing was right with me the weather damp cold - whereby the recording of the moment gained in peculiarity - that with the breakfast was not to get for me - nothing was right for me - most NYer do the vertilgen of all kinds of stuff with simultaneous errands of who knows on the street - but in contrast to the me in Stuttgart assigen handset using street walkers - jostles here no one in the crowding people mass.

Breakfast was by the way then still - with the confirmation "yes please the Western Omelet" that was Allan corner Houston Street - narrow and narrow and long - take me the fourth Tuischlein for two - a window seat - with the best view of the hustle and bustle of those who pass me - types of different skins and characters - and what faces - like those of the amirostigen sleds on holey road - the cars are also special - old or new - sleek or fat - wide or narrow - they submit to their holders - honking often - the breakfast was sumptuous - as the - you with her butt almost swept that off my plate - on the way of her relief - what I had as a portion yet in front of me - scrambled eggs pancakes bacon potatoes tomato was served - man - I've got it in me - amazed myself - the professional staff - paid is the same.

Quickly - well then - gazed was not bad - on the way to Essex Street - when I met the nice young couple - which I had on the outward flight - we talk about it - who wants to go where - then I go on - on time almost - in front of Clayton's house - Dietmar wanted to take a stand - because the doorbell is defective - to open - I only not quite synchronous for this moment - called Dietmar - which brings nothing - then the coincidence helps - the Elsa came out - so I come in - she - still calls "Dietmar" and moves with the rat catchers around the corner - "Man Fabi - this way - by the studio - there we see, that Clayton my Mitbringsel in the pinboard memory collage built - please remember - make the barrier with the Styrofoam plate to - clear separation for the peeing Spitz - otherwise come in - where I sleep - lie in bed and so - Dietmar presents his plans - Wednesday to Rehwinkel to the interview - with me as Kameramannn - we smoke - he the tropical treasure - I American Spirit - stylish both - beer goes also already to it.

Der Spitz auf Dietmars Bett
Der Spitz auf Dietmars Bett. | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

"Man dude" - "man Fabi - tough stuff here - gotta get this done - man I'm running out of time - before I croak dude - all this bullshit - Clayton and I have to clean up the manipulations with the NO!art - present the truth - NO!art - that's why tomorrow to the Rehwinkel" - we chat away pleasantly.

Then we peek into the open door of the boutique - nothing or not at all going on in there - but Dietmar closes the door - because of the tropical treasure smoke - meanwhile I do gardening and collect some cigarette butts - and then I look up - so I see old wall stones of the neighboring houses - which form a today in diffuse light in the mixture with NY typical damp air gray stiff scenery - at the front side an almost allotment-like shrubby plot - a boundary wall - as close as the smoldering smoking end of the tropical treasure in pressed mouth joint of Dietmar's lips Dietmar - another beer with ciggy for me - Dietmar still with his tropical treasure - and his proffessionell short sip - from small crystal clear watery bottle - so he came to speak - what he had worked out in talking with PC with Clayton everything.

Dietmar fetches the video camera - with short introduction for me to the buttons and knobs of the control units - I try a pan - there the. little garden - there the Dietmar in composure - the house walls up and down - Clayton comes - from somewhere - "hey Dietmar - hey men - is all ok with you guys" - Dietmar "we start to go - we go out in the streets" - "ok - and Dietmar and I pack what is necessary - he besides - the camera I my plastic bag for which I am known - and which is my briefcase - in which I immediately find my way without long searching - crap - I had only forgotten to take my Lidl bag to NYC - that would still have had style - but this cheap thin NYcer tats also - I had the good feeling to be one of those who belonged here.

We went again in the Wholesome Foods of the first day - that was in the next but one house - the store promised to do the right thing for us - Heiniken for me - for Dietmar "nee bloß nicht - man dude - he drinks no more beer - does me no good - sat down after purchase on our bench - talked about what was not discussed - where the Amis came little well away - puffed and the one or other sip taking - "man bloß again away here - Fabi - man dude - I would not have thought that I miss times my - masked - the Muslims here" - "man Fabi" - departure - "let's go on" - for Dietmar a Flachmannn - in the content vodka - with a Pakistani, Indian or Chinese - the Amercian Spirit for me - became with giving money - to the luxury article - the price defined itself with - twelve dollar fifty - or however I understood the change wrongly - Dietmar still the one or other saying.

East River
Path along the East River | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

Then, however, further on the Essex Street to the East 6th Street - to a footbridge built in iron - away over the FDR Drive - on the green strip along the East River - there a park bench looking up - with fantastic view of the river, with the barges, tugs, ferries, Excursion boats and the speedboats - "right is the Willamsburg Bridge - left back there the Queensboro" - before our feet joggers - thick thin young old alone in pairs fast slow walking stumbling before also mannche back - the twilight was faster - and made of the apparent idyll - a theater hall best illuminated scenery - drunk on it with prosten from the can from the bag - which was absolutely right at that moment since a cop patrol approached.

In addition - " gosh Dietmar - great - that we got that - thanks - that's - dude - that's awesome" - a concrete conversation - about and stimulated by what we had in moments - the runners in white black yellow skin color - bespectacled and without GPS or computer controlled - with pulse -and or heart rate monitors - headlights - getthoblaster rhythmized - entertaining wheezing whistling - and not infrequently - female sexy - very provocative sweaty - wet sticky shirts over brazen breasts - the other department - muscle-bound androgen testosterized boys - gay and un-gay.

All this inspired Dietmar - about his professional experience - with regard to the running styles of the presented styles - which made themselves past us - to philosophize - hey look how that one comes along unround in the step - it was a mood among us like in the best radio times - "man - that has become cold" - "on the way back I'll take you to the bus" and that's the fine thing about Dietmar - I always feel well taken care of and looked after - back we went through the social housing clinker buildings settlement - of the Baruch Playgrounds.

For today more than enough - at the bus stop 1st Avenue - came bus M15 - occupied with black women - who in the majority - but now with blue eye - could observe - that the again drove past his stop A1/E39ST - well the way back I knew now - another night cigarette or smoke with'm Bierle on the roof terrace today - from the Pod39 a mad view - in three directions - West - North and or South - first alone - unintentionally was toasted to me by isolated gentlemen - what I would have accepted from the present women and young girls more appreciative pleasurable - but then - the strongest resolute woman took care of me - where I come from what I do and whether I was satisfied - on my question she became in her answer - managing director - what accelerated from now on - the dispensing of my orders.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Oh - that did well - this night was to be called dreamlessly restful in the deep sleep - was perfectly introduced with persistently long hot and quenched with cold showers - I had time - with Dietmar me on 13 o'clock furnished - this time punctually - the admission did not work again - the idea - around the block to go by the boutique in the Ludlow Street - a nice salesman boy guided me without demand on my wish to the backyard door - which Dietmar - yes always - because of the burning smoky tropical treasure closed - you never know - so I moved carefully - but loud enough hopefully with shuffling step through the short small gravel path.

"Hello?" - "Hello?" - "Dietmar?" - Gosh Fabi - how do you come in here" - "sit down..." we drink warm coffee - I with found milk - "now first briefing because of the Rehwinkel visit" the video camera for you - nothing forgotten" - "we take n cab - is easier for today" still this and that - then out on the street.

Today the weather is sultry windy - n cab drives forward with guest - who gets out - we take over the journey - give Dietmar to consider whether everything is still correct - I can say nothing to it - also not with view of the map - the Cab stops - the dollars which become due seem small to me for this journey - in Stuttgart city I would have come with the thirteen dollars ungrad - calculated in euro just so to the station - but that would be then only two and a half kilometers.

Dietmar and I are looking for the lodging of Rehwinkel - we are over-punctual - what Dietmar explains to the virtue - which he always maintains - the house is a black one - the entrance for us on the left - because on the right of it - another one leads into a bar - we look and that is enough for the time being - with the time which still remains - to prove "German punctuality " - we go around the corner and smoke one - rung on the minute - after the "hello" we go up the dark staircase - into the fourth?

Charly Rewinkel und Dietmar Kirves
Dietmar Kirves in conversation with Charly Rehwinkel | Photo: Klaus Fabricius | Video

Charly Rehwinkel receives us as good friends - in short pants - the apartment is his studio - also here stands and lies much around - at books - designed creative things - and pictures abstract and figurative - headphones and cables for music connections - "you drink beer?" - I accept hospitably - with the objection - "I must work at first - to make relays the video film and after that I drink the beer yeeeh!" - Dietmar talks himself in and warm - and I record rehearsal - whereby I sit in the chair - and close - the one to the right with Rehwinkel and to the left - Dietmar - have - am full on it swivel and zoom with care - the additional microphone - extra - crap - is yes off.

But then come the questions of Dietmar - who sweats - in calm - concentrated English Kirves tone - Rehwinkel knows what - now to NO!art - "and what do you know about Boris to be a Jewish in America" "when do know Lurie starts with his art" - "what do you know about Boris russian father and the time in Riga and so on - it developed an intensive conversation - "where is Boris' money?" - "yeeh - see the scripts" and all of a sudden - there are scripts from Boris - in which among other things it is noted - that Dietmar has to get five thousand! Dollar - "please let me copy these writings" - "where did you get" - ok - this is stuff enough - "ok - puh I drink my beer - cheers Charly" - we chat about the area here - the house - the apartment - Charly's girlfriend - and come back to it - how fucking this money down town is - with the farewell after urinating - this appointment with Charly Rehwinkel ends.

Dietmar wants - with me to the East River - come so past a playground - makes photos - at all Dietmar always makes photos - further ahead - then this bank - "no the" - "better the" - we sit - enjoy the view - again the people - and man - there comes a bunch of bodyguards - behind us of the way - and there they clear away a jogger - there the view becomes free on a wheelchair in the bunch - in it a crooked old sack - " - that could be a mafia godfather - which they have forgotten - or that was too cleverly for the cops - or that not worth it to bury him or to kill him well" - "Mensch Fabi" - "Mensch Dietmar" - we go back - looks like a weather change - we pass some luxury yachts - but the right ones - "Mensch" - from Australia - from England - there is a storm coming up - we fish ourselves unknowingly through the streets - it becomes a very peculiar atmosphere - houses like from the Netherlands or so - in the middle of the skyscrapers - gorge themselves in front of us - it starts to rain - the wind becomes even more stormy - "to the bus" - cabs are now no longer unoccupied.

Back on our bench of Wholesome Foods - "let's eat n pizza when you've finished drinking " - "good idea" - we flap across the street - pizza free delivery 215334252 - next to a tattoo studio - Dietmar has what he wants fast - I want Diavolo - what nobody knows - I order what Dietmar has - and make it sharp with what's standing around - the pizzas don't look bad - "hey men - see diavolo - see now it's sharp." "yäh men - diavolo - ok man"

Then we went again on our bank still n sip on the pizzas and a smooken - "man Fabi" - "man Dietmar" - for today was's enough - Dietmar brings me to the bus - and I miss again my 39st Street - and that - im immediately up to the bone bones - I press myself - after crossing the street - at the gate of a driveway - two three free cabs pass me - of course they don't take son pissed - then again cabs roll past me - "Man hey" - "Fuck fuck fuck . . ." - then finally one stops - a Pakistani - "Hey men - go to 39st Street Hotel Pod" - that was short - from the five demanded dollars - I made him ten dollars - I didn't want to change - and so I stood in front of the bar - which wasn't one for me - everybody got but me - "fuck" - "mannn" - I thought that's racism - blue eyes clear - and then still pissed - "fuck" - went for a smoke - then my repeated attempt to get beer - "fuck" I stood in the way - and then I had a beer - although I had not ordered one - didn't get to - the black - good looking flirting with all the girls - didn't have blue eye in his instruction manual - nope - a white nimble Boy had me but finally in my sights - two I rushed down - and had reaped goodwill - because the third he gave me out - but mannn hey - the girls and guys were almost all that evening fully drunk - a bag made on the Mack - he had already been served before I had the first beer five six times - gave out the girls plenty - but the disappeared without words - were simply gone - then he drank everything with his buddy - but who was also none - the disappeared nähmlich also - without words just like that - and then the money was - with the unnecessary order for him all - haha - and only the goodwill helped him still - haha - I got one more against Money and smoked the last cigarette.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

New day - with the repeated warm shower - nothing thought - afterwards greetings to the homeland - by Mail to Elisiabeth - the Wirless free Lan funktionioert perfectly - but afterwards - only where breakfast - today a meeting with Ursula stood - which I had learned to know in Stuttgart at that time - in an exhibition performed by her - the meeting - should be in the Le Pain Quotide 11 Street near Brodway - time I had enough - I decided to take the metro - from Grand Central Station - wanted to have breakfast there - the traffic is heavy - the deliveries have to be done at night - mostly nothing is going on - to take a cab is no acceleration at least in the rush hour - anyway man - everything is so dilapidated - sure - I think to myself from somewhere the dollars for the wars have to come from - only where tourists and celebrities might stumble - the most necessary is patched - in the Upper East and West one agrees what the word care can mean - in the Lower East Side - the word Tristes - I am carried away - by the hastily streaming people - in the great hall - it is strangely more thoughtful - the structure as a whole - is a grandiose piece of architecture - marveling - for the moment - I enjoy the light - the masonry - climb up into the first floor - enjoy the new perspective - descend - let myself be carried along by the masses - drifting by chance - through a small - smelly little market hall - then outside into the glistening light - which reminds me warming - of a hot day - to be on the road today - but now to the counter again inside - "Sorry - can you check this ticket" - "Sir" still a ride valid - there are only a few stations - against the south - to Union Square.

What a fantastic place - after a best cappuccino with n piece of chocolate cake at the exuberant Brazilian women - a few streets away, I am back - I like this place - it is so well mixed - by passers-by - the few tourists - the Gammelden - the poor swallowers - once through the park - in the oval - again - and again - then on a bench - without bird droppings - a forbidden cigarette - my sunglasses break when I bend them - "shit man" I look at the people with pinched eyes it is wonderful this variety - wonderful these characters - this sun today - the chirping of the birds - the yapping of the dogs - sometime later - and with a nap - I make myself up - look for the meeting place - take the time there - and go back the way - because - the beach book store Braodway 12. Street - has done it to me - and I will look - in the art and culture department - in the second floor - books - after Boris Lurie for Dietmar - and after architecture for Elisabeth - or what falls to me - my inquiry to Lurie was successful - a little volume of early creative time - is as a gift for Dietmar's archives - books about German architecture - nothing - but Helmut Jahn - nothing else - buy for Elisabeth short decided - Coral Sea Poems - in the volume of Patty Smith - I am in the joy rapture - all good and "man Dietmar" I think - I have still plenty of time and so I cross around the quarter - in best memory of my last NYC trip - and the experience - best cheapest sunglasses purchase - I take the stores in my sights - and am rewarded like last time - by the black man - like already then - with frame and lenses - for like already then - five dollars - perfect - and now I can unabashedly look again - where beautiful legs - beautiful bodies wear - I take off my glasses - in Grace Church - I am impressed - a long haired lean crass tattooed and pierced in nose ears cheeks lips - in devotional prayer - attracted from the glow of beautiful stained glass - I take a seat on a bench - it is always these benches - where I come to sit - as if there were no chairs in NYC - the room also manages to make me devoutly quiet devotion to hold - disturbed then - by young girls - snapping and babbling - right to the rehearsal of an organist - first a humming that lasts longer - then the first tone - under full load a bass - then intermediate tones - up to the highest notes - then a long while nothing - then again this delayed finger running - could be a tuning - then a craft clattering and still with hope - begins a piece of music - modern - own - loud - quiet - I enjoy that - with the cell phone record a good sequence - only unfortunately this - in the data transfer got lost - when I think the playing is off - I go against exit - but as on call - new sound series on the keys - I go anyway - outside is hot and glistening - so I look for the opposite Le Pain on - in front the counter - with bread and sweets - all the finest Belgian kind - few tables - in the back more a very long - look to the outside also there tables -

I wait a short while and think - that I may also recognize Ursula - the contact is already longer ago - and was of short duration - but that one - the one with the wheel... yes that is she slim and yoga steeled - we take a seat - which is strategically favorable for us two - ordered is after the first exchange quick words - the food and drinks are like the tables and the waiters - of course - the orange juice I have - is the best ever - and take a second - "what are you doing - how are you? you - how are you" - "I am always very active with my art and the job and the child" - "I give private classes in Kundalini Yoga - have regular participants and I can divide the time quite well" - we talk more probably I than you - about making art and organizing - while we eat frugally - the delicious fresh stuff from the plate - and I am very happy about this meeting - and am amazed - how Ursula - knows to organize everything - in such a hectic city - with the cost of living moreover and that there artistic - creative arises - what then becomes her art - respect - in embrace - and after the fifty dollars for what we had - plus the tip - I am very happy about this meeting. we had - plus the tip - we say goodbye cordially - and I hit the ground around Grace Church - bravely - without a plan - towards the east - she still said straight out then - but always a little more to the left than to the right - because she must know - she lives after all - so seen behind our bench in the Lower East Side - coincidences exist.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Dietmar has come up with something special for us today - we're going on a trip - to Staten Island.

On the ferry to Staten Island
On the ferry to Staten Island. | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

- and then to Coney Island - fantastic - only the hurdle of the ticket bus cards block purchase at the machine - haha - there it is again - the promised land in the bucket - the machine - turned out in the discussions of the other failed - was defective - but do not think - that the man "real dude" - could get on the bus then with cash - we consumed two buses sammt driver - for the "fuck fuck fuck men." Findings - down - into the Metro there we should succeed - but hardly that we came back into the sun drenched daylight - our bus drove ahead and already gone again - no matter we made it to the NY Waterway - was all people empty for NY conditions - now only - it was valid here a tickets for the crossing - but think - "all for free" that's crazy - "because of the bridge back there - nobody takes the car ferry anymore" - we look around - then - from the off almost - a commotion - wherever the people all came from - it should start - there were mainly workers and employees - few tourists - a pushing and crowding - I had not experienced in NY - so - yet - Dietmar wants to go to the upper deck - "man Fabi" our understanding is vouchsafed in the look - stand at the railing - enjoy both - youthful the departure maneuver - I have to pee - two decks deeper - there where the fairway is to be experienced quite directly - there where it stinks not only after toilet - here lie the resting muscles - of the workers - who hooded mostly - under the hoods - make their nap - there are Lationos and blacks in the majority - it smells after diesel and the stamping ship engines.

- ah - I like that - and - the spray - the wind - the light - arrived at the top with Dietmar again - "man Dietmar - let's go down - that's great - quaint - there we have space" he goes with - we look from Auto Deck - to NYC over - go a few steps starboard - see the Statue of Liberty - there are African oil tankers crossing the route - take photos . . smoke us one - and get closer to the destination - emerge from the ship in the lower deck - which is really better - because it's faster - we go via the St. Georg terminal - cityward - and land - with Dietmar's determination in the Richmond Liquors Shop - "sheaper than that" - "Vodka - yes yes - Vodka in a small bottle - yes yes" - he pays - still think to myself - Dietmar must have known this store - we go - go back - there - where the stairs lead to the schoolyard - we make Smoker break with sip - Dietmar seems to me today conditionally not well with it - he the otherwise no step shies - sweats and goes slowed down - goes however after the break also uphill - under steep sun situation - he looks for the way - which he already eimal went - around the shy Mitser X to visit - which today - so we should find him - to the NO! art his version and view of the things may describe - we go verkehet - "da lang believe - man dude" - to me the Iceland does not seem to be quite secret - first of all not . . . since Dietmar runs into a One Way street - the situation calls forgotten memories in me awake - since as I with joys - in the somewhere with Bielefeld - to the dealer purchase - us on wrong way - into a lonely convenient yard drove - and types with gun and rifle clear instruction gave and to piss away - this diffuse mood I had now - I did not go further - and Dietmar still some meters alone - "man Fabi - somewhere - but where - can me only vaguely remember the last time" - we trudge on - which does not bring however's brings in - in the up and down - after felt at least hour - Dietmar is not better - we rest - move on and land unexpectedly again on the Bay Street - which reaches from the Verrazona Narrows Brige to - under our feet - we go over rusty footbridge - down at a brick beautiful fitness center - and are amazed again not bad - how degenerate America laid the power - unbelievable - so what I know from Crete and that was so "Man Dietmar about - man when was I there - the middle of the late eighties. "

Stromleitungen auf Staten Island
Power cables at Staten Island | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

So here the progress - by technology had not arrived - further - wrong though further - then - clear Bay Street - I do not know at all more whether we ate what - only that we drank - and Dietmar no life improvement in face and bones stood - but Dietmar does not showts - points only off "Man Dude" and wipes himself with a cloth more and more often over the forehead - the droning horns of the ferry - forces us - to the orderly retreat - and cleverly - denkste - we land in the with the elevator in the wrong floor - then correctly - in the belly in the lower deck - which offers us quarters again on the return journey. . very pleasant - the NO! art man remained missing - Dietmar meant still "the strong paranoia - man - feels pursued and so - and so on and so on - man age" that it did not come now today to the interview - " - is not - does not make anything - man Fabi . . . " both we hang in thought - whereby the water is divided under the keel - backboards we have spray - and view on rusty empty tankers - further back again on the left - the Statue of Liberty and - the new ugly architecture - with the One Trade tower of Liebeskind - Staten Island has already - in me - seized its mood - which I try to describe you with 'American Histery or Tween Peak'.

Fabi und Dietmar Coney Island
With Dietmar at Coney Island | Selfie: Klaus Fabricius

In the Metro under the East River to Coney Island - Friday - I go to buy me piece of cheese, bread and coffee - the store has caught my eye - and well stocked - but I see the prices - I can not believe to be in the promised land - who can afford such a thing - the piece of cheese - is not the intended for gourmets - eight dollars - still cheaper clear than the cigarettes - the two rolls - four dollars.

Epilog: Occasionally, in the everyday moment of extreme presence, a forgotten image rises up for me, which then clouds my new, fresh sensation unbidden. The gain then lies in the symbiosis to which these two images mix and vitalize with the time as a new presence in my nightmares a cruel existence.>

Note: From the memory the written is to be called without guarantee and has condensed with security anecdotally, but the events are authentic like the individuals which appear. Keywords and street names I owe to the very helpful notebook that Elisabeth had given me; she was always very close! In affection and respect thanks to Dietmar and Clayton! And what remains, I think, is the realization that separated by time and place, despite controversial ideas and interpretations in the conflict of our consciences, we have not lost the perspicacity that unites us in the absence of each other.

Fabi in der Metro 2015
In the New York Subway | Photo: Dietmar Kirves

I enjoyed hospitality and respect. And, "What do you think about art?" " What is art?" "What is NO! in front of art?" will continue to occupy us. And to the exclusion of Clayton and Dietmar and all the other protagonists that remain in my memory, I take with me again through all security the smuggled disease introduced prejudices.